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Maksim Mikuta

I’m a Digital Marketer student at Medieinstitutet based in Stockholm. 

With my creative thinking and concept development skills from performing arts and rhetorics I’m now ready to conquer the digital world. 

Currently available for internship – spring 2022. 

Learn how to use online platforms in line with your business needs.

See how to capture your audience’s attention with tailored content.

Improve your strategy over time by learning about key metrics that’s relevant.

I can help you with creating long-term digital growth to reach your goals.

My internship is from 2022-03-07 until 2022-05-12 and I’m  looking for a Digital Marketing internship in Stockholm, Sweden. If your firm has some kind of mentor-internship program and also time please let me know.

I’m empathetic, creative and curious. Ready to take small steps as well as big leaps and keen to ask lots of questions and hopefully also find some answers.

I began my journey in the theatre and performing arts sphere. I worked in productions and also studied performing arts for almost two and a half years. The experience has been profound and meaningful and it shaped me into whom I am. 

Today I have the great advantage of being able of using that knowledge and experience in Digital marketing and creative content .

The program I’m currently studying is a Higher Vocational Education Diploma, in Digital Marketing at Medieinstitutet, Stockholm.

The courses that I have had so far:

Marketing and online strategy, Law of market, Skills and Entrepreneurship and Web technology.

The course that I have ahead of me:

Search Engine Optimization / Marketing – SEO/SEM, Digital analysis, Social and Content marketing, Media planning, Display and Online video and Presentation and Pitch.

Looking forward to the next one and a half years of marketing and development. You can read more about the program and the school (in Swedish) just press Read more. 

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Maksim Mikuta is a Digital Marketing student, empathetic, creative and curious. Ready to take small steps as well as big leaps. Maksim helps business owners grow their online presence using a value-driven strategy and capture your audience’s attention. 

My Courses - Digital Marketing Diploma

  • Marketing and online strategy
  • Law of market 
  • Web technology
  • Skills and entrepreneurship 
  • Social and Content marketing
  • Media planning and Display 
  • Presentation and Pitch
  • SEO/SEM – Search Engine Optimization & Marketing  
  • Digital analysis 
  • Online video

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Would you like to boost your online presence using simple yet powerful online strategies?

Would you like to improve your strategy over time by learning about key metrics? 

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